Pinterest Analytics update with audience data

The new Pinterest Analytics looks better than ever, a great new revamped look now adds so much more data on how your Boards and Pins are doing.

Pinterest users can now track Boards and Pins thanks to the new profile metrics. These now show, which Pins and Boards appeal to people the most. The new audience data allows users to learn more about who is interacting with Pins from your site, and of course the ones they like the most.

Users can now check helpful stats such as re-pins and click-throughs, which is a great way to see how your Pins from your site are doing. There are also new ways to slice and dice your Pinterest data, and this can be achieved by filtering data by different devices and audiences.

Looking at our very own stats, OSM has 1,334 average daily impressions with a 420.77% increase between (Aug 11, 2021 - Aug 25, 2021), and 951 average daily viewers with a 297.35% increase in the same period.

OSM’s average monthly Pinterest audience is up to 12,935 viewers, with 98 of them being fully engaged, and when it comes to activity from OSM the average daily impressions are up by 295.39% at 977 with daily average viewers sitting at 681 up by 210.95% between (Aug 11, 2021 - Aug 25, 2021).

Our top three Pinterest boards starting from number 1 position is YouTube, second is Twitter followed in number 3 with Facebook. OSM has now added a Pin button to our articles, enjoy and get pinning.

The new Pinterest Analytics allows users to export data as well, choose what device you are using, the ability to check demographics, interests. You can even see what your audience’s interests are, the analytics also shows audience boards with lots of your Pins, as well as businesses your audience follows.

Why not check out your own Pinterest analytics out, see how you have been doing.

What do you think about the new Pinterest Analytics update?

Pinterest Analytics update with audience data