Google Plus weekly newsletter for brand and business

Of late there is not too much Google Plus news, but there is one way where you can be updated every Tuesday and it is as simple as subscribing to the Google+ Weekly Newsletter.

The Google Plus Weekly Newsletter is great for both brand and business and a way to keep up to date with all the latest happenings, stay updated with people, media outlets, brands and even how organizations are using G Plus.

Every week those that sign up to the G Plus Newsletter will receive updates in their email inbox, the Newsletter will cover different things each week. One week it could be about Insights for Google Plus, another could be about stunning cover photos etc.

The Newsletter will be sent to your inbox once a week (Every Tuesday), you can even open in your email or with your browser. It also allows users to open in PDF format, subscribe right now for a newsletter containing all sorts such as featured, tips, highlights, upcoming events and much more.

Just visit here to subscribe to the Google Plus Weekly Newsletter, add your first and last name and email address and then just wait for your first newsletter.

Are you subscribed to the Google Plus Newsletter?

Google Plus weekly newsletter for brand and business