50 Cent Instagram barrage on Floyd Mayweather

Rapper 50 Cent on Instagram is still taunting boxer Floyd Mayweather, the two were nearly joined at the hip until recently.

Both Mayweather and 50 Cent were very close friends, but recently the feud between the two has hit an all time low. Since the feud started 50 Cent has posted many photos and videos on Instagram mocking the boxer.

The mocking started when 50 Cent used the Ice Bucket Challenge, 50 Cent said that if Mayweather could read a whole page from a Harry Potter book without any errors he would donate $750,000 to any charity of his choice.

Other taunts include 50 Cent saying he had a phone call from Jimmy Kimmel, and if Floyd accepts the challenge he will air it on his show, then 50 Cent said Mayweather cannot pronounce the words in that Harry Potter book so will make things a little easier by allowing the boxer to read Cat in a Hat.

This taunt came after the boxer struggled to read a piece from a New York radio station, then 50 Cent called him out for being illiterate, 50 Cent also said he loves Mayweather like a brother, Call Fanny, and Tawana your sister’s love your crazy ass. Check on Devon you are forgetting the people who matter boy. If you want to fight I’ll be in Vegas next week #SMSaudio.”

Please take a look at the 50 Cent Instagram barrages below; please remember that these contain strong language – Viewers discretion.

Do you think 50 Cent is bullying Floyd Mayweather?

50 Cent Instagram barrage on Floyd Mayweather