Roger Federer 97k Instagram followers in eight hours

Roger Federer took to his official Facebook account to let all his 14,465,352 fans know he has just launched his new Instagram account.

The Tennis star sensation told his fans that he has just launched his official Instagram account, and if you would like to see what he is up to then catch him over on @rogerfederer.

His description simply says, “Roger Federer I’m a professional tennis player.”

Just 8 hours ago Federer posted an Instagram photo of him standing next to his childhood idol MJ (Michael Jordan), the tennis star said this is his first Instagram and asks you how did he do.

The Instagram post has had 19 thousand likes so far and a huge 2.51k comments in just a mere 9 hours since going live. He has posted only one photo and has already accumulated 97,476 followers; at the moment he does not follow anyone.

Who do you think will win the US Open men’s title - Roger Federer, Andy Murray, David Ferrer, Novak Djokovic or Stan Wawrinka?

Roger Federer 97m Instagram followers in eight hours