642 new Google Plus users per minute

In one Google minute you will be surprised what happens, Google is a part of many Internet users lives.

You may be searching on Google, looking at emails via Gmail, social networking via Google Plus, or even using YouTube to show of your latest videos. In just 60 minutes you will be pleasantly surprised what happens.

What Happens in a Google Minute?

The infographic below courtesy of SumoCoupon shows us exactly what happens in just one minute. Each minute there are 2.4 million Google Search queries, 1,157,407 Google Play app downloads, 694 click-to-calls with clicking a number to call directly from an advertisement.

The are a staggering 20,653,660 ad impressions per minute, 199 people search for coupons, a huge $16,404 is spent on research and development, $2,283 is earned in Android app revenue per minute. There are four Chromebooks shipped every minute and 4 people each minute search ‘How to Twerk’.

Most importantly is that every single minute around 642 new users are signing up to Google Plus, that is 642 new users joining the social media platform every minute; and people say Google Plus is not popular.

What Google service do you use the most?

642 new Google Plus users per minute main picture

  • Desi R.

    gmail, of course, is their product I use most. Then YouTube.
    But my current fave social media is G+ (sooooooo bored with instagram already). It took a little while to learn it (so did the others at first) but it’s way cooler.