Pinterest needs more men for ad base

It is a known fact that pinning site has predominantly more women than men, but now Pinterest has decide they need to get more men and lift the 20 percent user base.

Men on Pinterest only count for 20 percent of its users base, and only as little as 8 percent of these men are actually pinning according to a study by RJMetrics.

When you visit Pinterest you will get to see fashion, weddings, recipes, baby stuff etc, you do get men pinning on there but not a lot. This is why Pinterest is looking to get more men onboard, they need more cars, new images from men when people sign-in.

The whole layout of Pinterest is lovely, but lovely being the main word here. How about if Pinterest knows you are a man and beefs up the layout a little, take away the cutesy look?

It is not all about getting more people to join Pinterest; it is about bringing more men on board to of course expand its advertising base. SFGate talks about Alex Chrisman being a rare breed on Pinterest, he has a staggering 1,198,010 followers, 22 boards and 7,895 pins, and you will notice he has boards such as watches, knives, cool stuff and covet.

Do you think Pinterest is ok as it is, or do you think it really does need more men?

Pinterest needs more men for ad base