Charlie Sheen vs. Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge

Two stars with two entirely different professions, Bill Gates and Charlie Sheen have both taken part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. One of these has taken the top slot in most Ice Bucket Challenge YouTube views.

Charlie Sheen vs. Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge’s are absolutely fantastic and shows what great sports they are, they join thousands of people in the challenge to raise awareness and donate to ALS.

Bill Gates accepted and came up with a clever contraption he apparently built, he then went on to nominate Ryan Seacrest, Elon Musk and Chris Anderson. He did the normal icy cold water being poured over his head.

However, Charlie Sheen did his Ice Bucket Challenge with a twist. Instead of cold water being poured onto his head, when he turned the big saucepan over it contained loads of money, $10,000 to be exact.

Sheen then went on to nominate Two and A Half Men colleagues Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer who has both since accepted the challenge and creator and producer Chuck Lorre who has yet to do the challenge as far as we know. Not only was there a twist of $10,000 in the pot Sheen donated, the three he nominated had to donate the same amount.

Bill Gates video uploaded to the thegatesnotes YouTube channel has gained 13,020,916 views, 108,196 thumbs up, 1820 thumbs down and 7,477 comments.

However, Charlie Sheen as of today has beat Bill Gates with 13,325,198 views, Gates got more thumbs up than Charlie’s 93,181, but Charlie did get more thumbs down at 1984, but when it comes to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video views Charlie Sheen wins.

Our best video to date still has to be the one Kevin Hart shared on his Facebook showing the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge Gone Wrong Video’.

Do you prefer Bill Gates or Charlie Sheen’s Ice Bucket Challenge?

Charlie Sheen vs. Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge