CBB Gary Busey vs James Gordon in Twitter chaos

Twitter is turning into the place to be at the moment as the chaos unfolds, tweets are coming in thick and fast after the Gary Busey vs. James Gordon gay row erupted.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 is turning out to be one of the best yet, and Gary Busey and James Gordon are the brunt of the Twitter chaos. Some are for and against both celebs.

The Strictly Come Dancing star James Gordon was not too happy when Point Break actor Gary Busey made jokes about his sexuality; it got to the point where Gordon pretends to take his trousers down and says, ‘And assume the position.’ Yes it was camp but it was all fun and light hearted.

Busey then says to Gordon ‘You are gay aren’t you?’ And this is when the Strictly star explains he has gay friends and is very comfortable with his sexuality but is not gay himself. The crossfire goes on for a while with Busey winding things up leaving Gordon saying, “I’ve never hit a seventy year old before,” and that Busey should be careful what he says no matter if Busey is seventy years old.

Gary did come back and cleared the air by apologising, he said he was only joking and that it he is still trying to get used to the British sense of humour.

After this altercation erupted Twitter went into chaos mode with tweets coming in fast, just search the hashtag #garybusey for some interesting Gary Big Brother tweets. One Twitter user believes Busey is not mentally fit to be in Celebrity Big Brother 2014, apparently he should be taken out because he is just a laughing stock.

Do you like or dislike Gary Busey?

Check out the tweets below -

CBB Gary Busey vs James Gordon in Twitter chaos