X Factor Brothers 3 vs. Trill social followers

Two X Factor Australia 2014 groups named Brothers 3 and Trill are starting to trend at the moment, even though Trill were sent home.

After girl group Trill were sent home there were 12 contestants left in to do their best for ‘Legends’ week, singing the best songs from music legends such as Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and the Beatles.

Brothers 3 sang “Always On My Mind” by Elvis Presley and done rather well in the live show, Redfoo says the boys have a great tone and that they are quality, he also went on to say they were the best group in the competition and Ronan loved Brothers 3 performance.

The first live decider show saw Dannii Minogue’s girl group Trill leaving the show, considering the girls are only aged 14 and 15 they have a great future ahead of them. In the bottom two that week were Trill and Adrien Nookadu and the judges saved him over the girls.

When it comes to social followers Trill are on both Facebook and Instagram, with Brothers 3 only on Facebook. Brothers 3 joined Facebook 21 September 2021 and now have 15,173 likes, they got to this number when they started performing on X Factor Australia.

However, Trill is on both Facebook and Instagram. They joined Facebook April 2014 and have 3,387 likes, now considering they have only been socially connected on FB for around 4 months and Brothers 3 for 4 years, Trill seems to be doing rather well. Trill’s Instagram has 4,312 followers.

Who do you follow on Facebook, Brothers 3 or Trill?

X Factor Brothers 3 vs. Trill social followers