Kick star Salman Khan Facebook passes 19m

Since the Kick box office movie aired actor Salman Khan can celebrate a little more, not only is the movie a success he has also surpassed 19 million fans on Facebook.

Kick is a 2014 Hindi action thriller film starring Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez who has 8,052,011 likes on Facebook, Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddiqu. Both Siddiqu and Hooda have not yet reached over a million Facebook followers.

It looks like Salman Khan is becoming a social media phenomenon, his official Facebook account has 19,087,778 likes, and within one minute of clicking the refresh button his likes went up to 19,087,819 likes – growing at such a fast rate we can by the end of tomorrow the star being on 20 million.

Even over on Twitter Khan is popular; his official @BeingSalmanKhan has 7.82 million followers. His fans are called ‘Salmaniacs’, and if you visit this hashtag #19MillionSalmaniacsOnFB you will notice the ever-growing trend. Khan also has 1,728,643 followers on Google Plus.

The Kick total collection (domestic) was at Rs. 231.15 crore, but when we checked the stats the movie has reached a staggering 375 crore, which is a worldwide gross of US$62 million – For more information and the Kick box office numbers please visit NDTV.

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Kick star Salman Khan Facebook passes 19m

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