Kelsey Zachow Instagram scam, Twitter ban

Kelsey Zachow Mega Millions winner was recently turned into a subject of an Instagram hoax, where people believed if they followed a few steps they would receive $1000.

Michigan Lottery officials know of the scam and that Kelsey Zachow of Port Huron is the subject of it, when you visit it shows photos of the winner holding her $66,000,000 Mega Millions Lottery cheque.

The Instagram account on August 18th explains how people could gain some money, “Hey everyone! Follow me, shout me out, tag your friends and then comment your email! I was lucky enough to be blessed with all this fortune that I’m going to share the blessings! First 50K followers will get $1K.”

According to CBS they report it is just another scam, when it says leave your PayPal address this should automatically wave the red flag.

There have been a few fake Instagrams set up to trick people into believing they are Kelsey Zachow lottery winner, the REAL 24-year-old Zachow on July 31 won a staggering $66 million, she decided to take the lump sum and after taxes walked away with $27 million.

Have you come across the Kelsey Zachow Instagram scam yet?

We have also noticed one Kelsey Zachow Twitter account suspended, so we are guessing the scam also hit Twitter as well.

Kelsey Zachow Instagram scam, Twitter ban