Foley beheading prompts Twitter deceased update

James Foley beheading images were posted on Twitter and even though these have been removed it has prompted Twitter to make a new deceased update.

Social media can be a terrible place to be sometimes, especially when images are being shared of a graphic nature. The latest image to pollute Twitter was the alleged beheading of journalist James Foley, which Twitter was quick to delete as soon as they were posted.

In some cases Twitter has suspended accounts showing such images, since this happened Twitter has made a conditional change where people can contact Twitter about a user or media that concerns a deceased member of the family.

This new Twitter update will allow families to contact Twitter about removing images of the deceased. This change has come after the James Foley images’ making their way onto Twitter; the social network is cracking down on trolls. After Robin Williams death many fake photos were shown as well has his daughter Zelda being bullied on the service.

Zelda Williams has since stopped using Twitter and does not know when she will be returning.

Twitter made the new changes reporting that this was put into place to respect the wishes of loved ones, Twitter will crack down on images of deceased people in certain circumstances. Family members can email if they wish for any image to be removed of a family member, which contain critical injury occurring to the moments before or after death.

Read more about the Twitter deceased update here, many Twitter users have said sharing images on twitter of someone being beheading is rather sickening.

Do you agree with Twitter’s new policy to process an account deactivation concerning a deceased family member?

Foley beheading prompts Twitter deceased update