Katy Perry sexy bikini, piercing Instagram videos

Katy Perry has taken to Instagram with two new videos; this is all about pleasure and pain but not exactly in that order.

In the first video posted onto Instagram on August 16, you actually see the footage of her nose being pierced for all to see. In the video she cries out with an “Ow!” after the needle went through her nose.

The singer said the last time she did a piercing on her own she used a pin and cube when she was 13, then she went on the say, “Sorry mom (again).” At least this time professionals are piercing her nose.

305k people like her Instagram nose piercing video and 13.4k have commented so far, the singer is very popular indeed on the photo/video-sharing site. So far she has 6,937,351 followers on Instagram, she has posted 169 posts and follows just 148 people so it stands to reason no matter what she shares with the world she gains attention.

Today she posted a new Instagram video titled “Hi from the on #theprismaticworldtour”, which has already had 257k views and 4.43k comments. In this video she and a few fellow friends are standing in water when they all go underneath, when they pop back up you get to see the beautiful Katy Perry stand up in a bikini.

Stunning Perry took a little break from her Prismatic World Tour and this is why she had time to post the sexy video onto Instagram. Most of the comments of Katy Perry in the bikini seem to talk more about her boobs rather than anything else – Take a look at the Instagram videos below.

What Katy Perry Instagram video do you prefer the most, the nose piercing or the bikini shot?

Katy Perry sexy bikini, piercing Instagram videos