Yahoo Mail users frustration continues

Yahoo Mail users are still in the state of frustration as service problems still continue, and many are still having issues logging in to the email service after entering their passwords etc.

The main problem is trying to gain access to Yahoo Mail after using their password, so many users took to forums and Down Detector saying they could not log in to mail or any other feature, access is an issue.

But, now it seems a few can gain access to Yahoo Mail, and now problems are occurring with replying to an email or trying to send. One user said, “Can’t compose, reply or forward any emails. What’s going on with Yahoo Mail?”

Is Yahoo Mail down for you, or are you having problems sending and replying to emails?

Users are coming forward with their persistent issues with Yahoo Mail, but Yahoo is not coming forward at all. They are not addressing anyone that there is a problem. Is the Yahoo Mail problem widespread enough for Yahoo to worry? Maybe they know of the issue and trying to sort it out without the need of publicly announcing it.

Are you having Yahoo Mail issues? Please do let us know what country and area you are in and what the problem is, thank you.

Yahoo Mail users frustration continues

  • Gloria

    In England, can’t get mail to load. Every day it’s a new issue with Yahoo mail, it’s unbelievable how many problems they keep having. Do they have monkeys run their show over there???

  • Missy Ellsworth

    Chicago, IL. I just got a job application response and I CAN”T GET TO IT!

  • Frustrated

    USA not able log in all night along

  • Not Again

    California - USA. Cannot access yahoo email accounts tonight.

  • Jackie Hutcherson

    Unable to log into email for an hour now. Seattle

  • what is happening?


    • what is happening?

      I wasn’t specific, it keeps on asking for a password which i have not changed and then it won’t accept it. Using mac and getting an IMAP username and password error!

  • mo

    montreal canada!!! ive lost important emails to yahoos crap junk mail detection….yazhoo is just the worst now

  • jul_lu

    USA - - Can’t access my Yahoo mail on PC or iPad

  • Karen Mueller Bryson

    Yahoo email is completely down. I am in Phoenix area, AZ, USA.

  • Sallie

    Central VA-Received a call from a friend who received a return message of permanently undeliverable. Unfortunately all personal and personal business is tied to this account for more than 15 years. They were able to get an email through today. How are they able to keep this problem quiet?

  • Natalie

    Yahoo mail is down in Shanghai, China (and I’m on a VPN proxy). It’s been down for 3 days now. - Natalie in China

  • RubyNR

    I am able to log in to Yahoo just fine (for now). However, I am unable to scroll through emails and it seems many Yahoo users are having similar complications. I have even upgraded to a newer version of IE. I am from Maryland. -Ruby

  • CarrieG

    Same issues as RubyNR. Hardly an issue with Yahoo mail for a decade. Now it’s been buggy for several days. Content scrambles if I attempt to scroll through an email or through my inbox.

  • BrigitteK

    I am in Edinburgh and have excellent connections and Yahoo mail freezes or is slow. For years, I never had problems with Yahoo mail and now, no matter what city I am in, I have problems. As soon as I have time, I’m switching to gmail.

  • Dan McCall

    I can’t even get in without an error message. Good grief.

  • ange

    no ability to access yahoo mail server on my iPhone and now on my mac.

  • bdog76

    same here. yahoo not letting me get to my inbox

  • Alex Watson

    Call for Yahoo Tech Support 1-888-962-2246


    been calling yahoo customer service for 5 days strait and have yet to get threw to anyone longest hold time so far has been an hour and 45 min .. once someone answered and it was like they just put the phone down and picked it back up and hung up .. im pissed the fk off right now …


      st.louis Missouri

  • scout

    San Jose, CA. My calendar won’t send notices to my e-mail for more than a month. My emails come out in tiny type. I switch it back every time.

  • Diana

    I CANNOT access my yahoomails (all day now, which is frustrating)=>Netherlands ;-(((

  • Frustrated

    My email will not load. It would not load Friday and it continues to not load today.

  • Patricia Hacking Hidalgo

    Have not been able to access page or my yahoo email for more 2 weeks. Site tells me my password is invalid. I have never succeeded in reaching anyone at their help line. After waiting 10 min or so line goes dead. Sometimes line is just busy. I have tried multiple times. I have followed the online instructions on how to fix this problem to no avail. I have sea rched the internet for clue to what is going on…all I can find is this website with people having much the same problem. Nothing put out by yahoo. Sell your stock!! I am done.

  • Andrea Lhotka

    My inbox would not load due to a “temporary issue” that lasted for weeks. On and off I experienced this issue and was denied access to my email. Then when my email did load, I would encounter more errors.

  • Bear Claw

    Sorry yahoo, but I think it’s time for everyone to boycott yahoo and move to something else. Yahoo had their chance and doesn’t seem to care. Lets start showing companies who really is the boss as consumers we can make them or break them. I’m leaving yahoo, and never going back no matter if they fix the site or not.

  • wayne

    totally useless, verizon blames yahoo, yahoo blames verizon. customer service at verizon tells me to either live with it or go to gmail. u suck and i hate you.

  • wayne

    the dolt at verizon customer service suggested i go to gmail, how’s that for customer service!?!?!?!hassle moving all my saved emails and contacts but im gonna do it because ver/yah are useless. i r epeat, u suck and i hate u.

  • Luc9

    I am in the USA and have been having problems with Yahoo mail now for over a year. Sad because I have several addresses tied to my PAID Yahoo subscription. Mail that I send to myself from other email addresses takes a very long time to arrive, and log-on issues persist. I will begin migrating to another service shortly.

  • Irina

    Both Yahoo and Yahoo mail are terrible. I can´t open a single e-mail today. I am seriously thinking about switching to another server, which is a nuisance as I´ve used this acoount foe more tan 20 years.

  • Frustrated

    Have been experiencing problems accessing emails for a few weeks now. Very frustrating. It keeps saying our engineers are working to resolve the issue, but how long is this supposed to take?

  • Adriana

    I am seriously working on switching providers. I have a Business account and Yahoo email has caused me so much frustration AND LOST PRODUCTIVITY I can no longer deal with it.

  • PM

    Today I cant read my emails again, takes forever to load, and most of the time I cant access…. its NOT my connection, all other sites loads fine. I am soon gonna skip Yahoo mail.

  • Laura Wetter

    Constant problems with Yahoo mail, and it’s driving me crazy!