New Twitter favorites feature upsetting users

Reports show that Twitter is gradually growing its testing phase for a new gimmick to the 140-character tweeting service, transforming favorites into retweets as a capacity of the test.

The Next Web is reporting that users are receiving tweets favorited by other Twitter users in their timeline, which makes them appear like retweets. Users are also apparently receiving notifications if other users you are connected to follow new people.

This new experimental Twitter test feature seems to unpopular at the moment with those that got the upgrade already, upgrades are slowly happening over a period of time. Users seem to be upset that they are getting needless additions to their Twitter timeline.

When you visit this Twitter search ‘twitter “follow” OR “favorite” timeline’ you will notice a lot of tweets coming in, such as –

Many Twitter users are asking how they can turn off tweets that show up in their timelines – such as this person below.

Have you got the new Twitter Favorites feature yet, if so do you like or dislike Twitter turning favorites into retweets?