Google Plus, Maps could get JetPac integration

Jetpac will be removing its apps from the App Store in the next few days after they announced they would be joining Google.

This means they could be releasing web apps to fit in with Google Plus and its maps to work with the JetPac City Guides and more.

Google has purchased many start-up firms; they have already got Motorola, DeepMind, YouTube, NestLab and so many more. But, the latest purchase of JetPac could make Google Plus and Maps a much better place to be.

JetPac already offers visual guides to over 6,000 cities around the world, and these offer-personalized recommendations based on photo attributes such as spotting lipstick, blue sky views, and so much more using sophisticated imaging processing on billions of photos – it already works well with Instagram.

Users will hopefully be able to search Google Plus photos for closest places of interest, because JetPac already has a lot of reach with Instagram users this could be the reason Google decided to purchase it. JetPac’s algorithm could be tweaked to work with Google Plus photos as well as Google Maps to find relevant images.

What do you think Google will do with JetPac?

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