Facebook scam tricks users into accessing accounts

CLEVELAND Police are urging Facebook users to be on full alert against a scam, which draws people in by believing they can access anybody’s Facebook account through a simple three-step hack.

It educates people to open up their Facebook in a web browser and go to the Facebook page of the individual they need to hack. Users are then advised to right-click anywhere on the page and from the popup menu select “Inspect Element” - This is when it will raise an HTML editor at the bottom half of the web browser.

Even though this scam was found reported by ‘Action Fraud’ on July 31st, we are still calling out to anyone that has heard of this Facebook scam.

The scam itself will let the Facebook user know to copy and paste a string of code provided in this editor, but the scammers are very clever in hiding the true identity of what the code actually does. In fact the code will grant access to the scammers to the person using it to their very own Facebook account – This is where details will be stolen.

DO NOT under any circumstances paste any codes into browsers if ever asked, if you have fallen victim to this Facebook scam you should change your password now. Both ActionFraud and Cleveland Police are asking for Facebook users to let them know if you see this kind of scam.

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Facebook scam tricks users into accessing accounts