A-Level results day 2014 quotes

Millions of Students across the UK are probably still waiting for their A-Level results, and for the students that are waiting you may like these new A-Level results day 2014 quotes on Twitter.

Two Twitter hashtags that stick out the most are #resultsdayquotes and #ResultsDayQuotes, and when you search for these you will see some funny picture quotes.

Sixth form students across the UK may still be sitting there waiting with A-level results day anxiety, when they do get their results they are too nervous to see them simply because it determines their path in life. Around 50,000 students gain a place in university every year, so today is the day for both relief and celebration for most, hopefully there will not be too many disappointments.

In light of all this many A-Level results day 2014 quotes are being posted onto Twitter, the tweets below are very funny indeed. This tweet below is very funny where Woody from Toy Story looks upset and Buzz Lightyear is saying, “Disappointment. Disappointment everywhere.”

Before looking at more A-Level results day 2014 quotes below please answer this question – Have you got your A-Level results yet? If the answer is yes please let us know what marks you got, thanks.

A-Level results day 2014 quotes