Zelda Williams social media goodbye after cruel photos

Robin Williams daughter Zelda Rae Williams has decided to say goodbye publicly on her Twitter and Instagram account, she has decided to quit the social media sites, which could be for good.

Heartbroken after her dads passing Zelda has decided to quit Twitter and Instagram after she became the target of sickos also known as trolls, after she paid tribute to her father who was found dead aged 63 she was sent photos of altered photos of her dad.

The photos were supposedly taken soon after her dad committed suicide, and she also received messages calling her bad names. This is why she has decided to say goodbye and also deleting her Twitter and Instagram apps from her technology devices.

Her Twitter message was not as long as her Instagram one simply because she only had 120 characters to play with, her Tweet simply said this below –

On Instagram she said she will be leaving the account for a while whilst she heals, with this time she will also decide if she will be deleting the account altogether. She said that it is cruel and unnecessary for people to mine her accounts with photos of her dad, and judging her on a number of them.

The actress asked her followers to report those sending the photo-shopped photos of her father Robin Williams, Zelda Williams after her tweet has had a lot of replies of support –

OSM agrees with Zelda Williams that she should take some time away from social media, she needs time to heal and for anyone to put up with bad behaviour from the trolls needs to stay strong. Most of the time social media is a great place to be and rather rewarding, but now and then you get the idiot that slips through who believes they are funny – Grow up and have respect for someone’s father, it does not matter if he was an actor, comedian, what matters is he is a human who was loved by his family – let them heal.

What would you say to Zelda Rae Williams about quitting social media?

Zelda Williams social media goodbye after cruel photos

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    While I do feel for Miss Williams I must say, this article is poorly written. The vocabulary just seems off…