eBay problems today, not working or slow

Big problems with eBay is occurring right now, the popular auction website is down in Europe. We have noticed eBay UK being down but not too sure about eBay USA, many are reporting many towns in the UK are having problems accessing the website.

As far as we can see the problem is affected on both desktop and mobile platforms, over on Ask eBay Twitter they replied to @mawihtec saying they understand the frustration caused and that they are working on this and will be providing an update as soon as we have more info – (Tweet below), You can see all other reactions on Twitter eBay being down here.

Product-Reviews.net have provided updates reporting many UK towns are having issues, these include the likes of Cornwall, Sutton, Devon and Derby, even though they report eBay problems in Europe we would like to know if those in USA are having issues.

If you visit Down Detector you can see what UK area eBay is down – Are you having problems with eBay being down or slow?

One eBay user is not happy at all, the tweet below shows this –

eBay problems today, not working or slow

  • The Vanguardian

    It’s up in the USA but extremely slow. When you do a search it comes up with the list at normal speed, but the accompanying pictures for the items don’t show up or show up at a rate of 1 picture every 15 seconds.

    They’ve wasted a lot of time and effort lately trying to put in new ads categories along the sides and bottom of the screen instead of fixing the other old problems with the website. I’ve noticed because I use Adblock plus to block the pictures of those items for sale. Lately I have to keep setting up new blocking filters every week.