Hulk Hogan dead deception, happy birthday

Hulk Hogan dead went viral on Twitter and the last few days fans have been a little shocked by the news, but the star is not dead on Twitter it was all part of a deception scam.

Hulk Hogan is apparently dead on Twitter was all part of a celebrity hoax, but the news of his death went viral on social networks especially Twitter. Hogan was born August 11, 1953, which makes him 61 today, and yes he is clearly alive and kicking so do not panic.

So many Twitter users were retweeting messages such as ‘Hulk Hogan is dead’, ‘RIP Hulk Hogan’ and so many more. But, because so many people tweeted and retweeted his death it went viral within hours.

No official news was released of his death, and we always say follow the official news not Twitter messages. If you do follow Twitter messages at least dig a little deeper to see if the news is correct, just think of how many times Morgan Freeman has died, we believe he has broken the Twitter hall of fame for how many times he has died over the years.

Some of the tweets that came in included “Hulk Hogan will never Hulk Hogain’, “You #RIPHulkHogan jerks scared me so bad. Stop doing that! Let’s go back to #RIPBieber or something else universally hoped for,” added another – Read some more below.

This was a hoax all part of a scam, over on Facebook was a ‘deadly head shot’ version of the message, and this was all put into place to trick Facebook users to click on the link so they could spam their friends. Once clicked a survey popped up asking for your information, a video was also placed online of the Hulk Hogan dead hoax, and once the play button was clicked they had to share the video before it would play – yes another scam.

The star is NOT dead and is happily celebrating his 61st birthday today – So OSM would like to say Happy Birthday Mr. Hogan, hope you have a wonderful day sir.

How did you react to Hulk Hogan dying on Twitter?

Hulk Hogan dead deception, happy birthday