New Pinterest messages explained

We received a new message in our OSM Pinterest notifications, about the new messages within the pinning site you can to your friends. A new feature you may just like.

In our notifications we received a message saying, “Pinterest: New! You can send messages t…” and when click it opened a small box down in the bottom left corner, which shows a small video with the full message saying - New! You can send messages to your friends. Plan projects, swap ideas and share your best discoveries.

When you click on the video it opens in YouTube so you can get to see the full large-sized video, are you ready to say hello to messages on Pinterest?

You can now share new discoveries with people eon Pinterest, guided towards those that who would appreciate them the most, you can also plan a new project with friends, reach out to those who love to share your interests, and much more.

This new service is available on both Web and mobile formats; you can read more about the new Pinterest messages on this dedicated page to see it in action, and on the official blog.

Before on Pinterest you had to send and item via the site itself or through email, sometimes these were limited as well. But now if you find something you know your friend will like all you need to do is start a conversation with them about that particular pin – basically built-in messages.

The video below explains all, you could even visit B2C to see how it works in-depth – Are you happy about the new Pinterest messages?

New Pinterest messages explained