Facebook profile color changer scam awareness

This is a warning to all that spots a new online app called ‘Facebook Color Changer’, this is a new app that you will see on your mobile or desktop news feed, which promises to change the color scheme of your profile page.

The screenshot below shows how the color change happens and shows a few colors and a link to apps.facebook.com; Cheeta Mobile explains that you should NOT click this because it downloads malicious software that can access your computer.

Be careful because this is a new scam that has already hacked into over 10,000 Facebook accounts, it is a simple app that looks like the real deal and offers users the chance to pick one of the following colors such as red, blue etc.

The app found on mobile and web timelines when clicked will compromise Facebook user accounts and computers, the hackers have the ability to implant a malicious code and viruses into Facebook-based applications.

If you are on your timeline via computer or your mobile device DO NOT click on the app that looks like the one above. Cheeta Mobile (Link above) do have a solution if you have been infected.

Have you seen the new Facebook Color Changer app?

Facebook profile color changer scam awareness