UFO sightings YouTube mapping system

UFO sightings around the world are always being documented, and the space-man.de website is very good indeed where it provides information on the system negative, cluster-map, sightings cluster-map, video search, Mufon cases and so much more

If you visit this dedicated website it will show all UFO & Latest information you need, but what interests us the most is the integrated YouTube videos. You can view these in three different ways, with one being the normal map view where you can see a UFO picture on the map and when you click the UFO you get to see the UFO sighting on YouTube.

The second way to view the UFO sightings in within list view, which just shows thumbnails of all the YouTube clips.

You can also view the videos in a third way in clusters, this is basically where you will see a number say for example 162, this means there were 162 sightings in that particular country and when you click on the cluster it zooms in and spreads to show exactly where in the country the UFO was seen.

Just love the way the site incorporates the UFO sightings within the mapping system, and then when clicked you can watch the YouTube videos on that particular sighting – Wonderful stuff.

Do you like watching YouTube videos on UFO sightings?

UFO sightings YouTube mapping system