Netflix down for those in Arizona

Netflix movies for some are not being shown at the moment due to the server being down, and it seems those living in Arizona are having the most issues.

The main issues include the Nexflix server being down, for those that can access the site are not able to stream movies properly, but the main problem is downtime.

Some of the areas having issues with Netflix being down includes Flagstaff, Tuscon, Casa Grande, Phoenix, Goodyear and many more, so that shows Arizona is getting the brunt of the Netflix not working.

If you look at the Facebook comments over on Down Detector you can clearly see problems are still occurring mainly for those in Arizona, the last comment was only 56 minutes ago saying, “Down in Flagstaff, AZ! Fix it quick Netflix.”

At this given time Down Detector is showing a green bar saying ‘No problems at Netflix’, but the Facebook comments say otherwise.

Many Netflix users were complaining about streaming quality last month, with Wi-Fi, or ISPs being the main culprit.

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Netflix down for those in Arizona