Mark Zuckerberg vs. old media billionaires

When we look at how fast billionaires make their money, it is intriguing to see how the new vs. old media kings get there. Yes Mark Zuckerberg net worth is estimated to be $33.3 billion and has been listed as 16th richest person in the world, but how much faster did he earn his first billion compared to others.

The infographic shown below titled ‘New versus Old Media Billionaires’ is rather interesting to say the least; it is basically Mark Zuckerberg vs. old media billionaires.

Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder of the highly popular social networking site Facebook, and the stats based on 2013 are very interesting indeed. As of March 2013 his net worth was estimated at 13.3 billion, so within one year he has taken the 16th spot as world’s richest person with a net fortune of 33.3 billion, not bad going for the last year then.

Back to the infographic by based on 2013 stats, Mark Zuckerberg only took 3 years to get to $1 billion with a 21.43% revenue growth in a one-year period (2012-2013), so you can just imagine the 2013-2014 growth.

When you look at the infographic you will see it’s highlighted in red and blue, the red means new and the blue means old media billionaires. Rupert Murdoch as of March 2013 net worth was $11.2 billion and it took the founder of News Corporation 40 years to earn his first $1 billion. Larry Page & Sergey Brin as of March 2013 were worth $23b each and it took them six years to earn their first billion.

Please do take a look at the new versus old media billionaire’s infographic below to get stats on others such as Patrick McGovern, Reid Hoffman, Charles Dolan, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Subhash Chandra, Robin Li and Kalanithi Maran. presents New vs Old Media Billionaires - Infographic – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

Mark Zuckerberg vs. old social media billionaires