Guess the Movie single frame Facebook game

There are so many movie games on Facebook such as Guess the Movie 4 Pics 1 Movie, Guess the Movie Horror and many more. But, a new one has surfaced where you have to get the correct name of the movie based on a single frame.

The game developed by is rather simple but fun, all you need to do is guess the name of the movie based on a single frame of it, it shows one picture from the film with four possible answers.

You can try and search for guess the movie answers, but you will be out of luck as it shows other games that are similar but with different answers.

You can play the game right here, if you look at the screenshot of the Guess the Movie Facebook game below you will see four possible answers, which includes Twilight Saga, Shrek, The Illusionist and Children of the Corn, it’s a safe bet to say the answer here is ‘Twilight Saga’.

guess the movie game

This game is popping up on the Facebook news feed a lot lately, which means all our friends are playing it too much. We say it and started to play and already we are addicted – Have you started playing the new Guess the Movie Facebook game yet?

guess the movie facebook game