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Hawaii is braced for its first direct hit hurricane in 22 years, hurricane Iselle is heading towards Honolulu.

The latest report via NWSHonolulu Twitter account an hour ago as of as of a 2 AM HST update, it was near 18.2N 150.0W with winds hitting 85 mph gusting to 105 mph.

The island is going to be hit by hurricane Iselle with a second called Julio to hit Sunday night, Iselle is a category 1 storm and supplies are in demand now with bottled water taking priority.

Iselle is set to hit Honolulu around 3 p.m. ET (9 a.m. local time); the tropical storm flash flood warning was issued for Maui, Oahu and Kauai. Hurricane Julio is set to hit Sunday and will be a category 2 storm.

Reports have stated that heavy rains will be total up to around 5 to 8 inches with winds up to 80mph, flooding is expected.

They also tweeted previous to the latest above -

Please do visit this Twitter hashtag #Iselle for all the up to date news on the hurricane – many other tweets of support are coming in, please read a few of them below.

Do you live in Hawaii and preparing yourself for the hurricane?

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