Arnolfini Family creativity now on Pinterest

Pinterest is a very interesting place to be online, there are so many different boards and pins to look at, and there is always something that fits in with your criteria. One relatively new board is simply called Arnolfini Family Creativity.

The Family Creativity Pinterest pins shows off galleries to encourage families to look into their exhibitions together, the boards also promotes creativity online.

Arnolfini has many boards including featured artists, film music, bookshop recommends and its new one called Family Creativity. The Arnolfini main page has 543 followers and the sub-page called Family Creativity has 486 followers.

If you visit the Arnolfini website you will see they have plenty of activities for families, including parents, carers, children etc. They do regular story telling and trails, the Arnolfini Bristol Harbourside Wild Play Trail for example runs from Saturday 28 June 2021 to Thursday 30 October 2021 between 11:00 and 18:00 – For more information please visit here.

Some of the pins on the Family Creativity board are very interesting indeed, these include the likes of 5 summer activities that won’t break the bank, many different ideas to create something such as the crafty cat, or the how to build a simple shadow puppet theater.

We just love the creativity Pinterest board – What is the best creative family idea you have ever seen on Pinterest?

Arnolfini Family creativity now on Pinterest