Users unblock Facebook from school by proxy

Thanks to our website being dedicated towards social media, we receive a lot of requests and are able to track social trends including an increase in people wanting to know how to unblock Facebook from their school by proxy. This isn’t something new, but we’ve seen an increased demand throughout 2014 and also tweets by those at school wanting to know more.

Obviously being in school you are there to learn and not sit on Facebook, but if say you have some time and you want to check your newsfeed you will be aware most schools will have blocked the use of the social network.

In most cases when you try to gain access you will get some sort of word such as ‘DENIED’ pop up on your screen. This is all down to the schools IT technician or administrator blocking Facebook, but there are different ways on how to unblock Facebook from school by proxy.

We have seen a massive increase of Twitter users talking about the ability of unblocking Facebook in schools, some schools have Facebook, Twitter etc but will not allow students to login using their personal profile account.

Because Facebook has been blocked in many schools students are turning to proxy sites to access it, there are so many proxy sites out there and that means sitting back and finding the best one - Take a look at some of the tweets below (One has a couple of links to help).

WikiHow shows a few simple steps on how to unblock Facebook in Schools, they go into detail covering the use of the IP address, using a Web Proxy and changing the web browser’s proxy settings.

Please do remember when trying to access any site in school the network could be monitored by technicians or teachers, and the network may block any links to do with proxy servers no matter what the URL address is.

Users are unblocking Facebook from school by proxy, are you one of them?

Users unblock Facebook from school by proxy