Movie reality after Deadpool test footage trailer

The Deadpool test footage trailer on YouTube has taken the world by storm, ok the views are not what you call crazy high but the popularity is immense as it means a movie is coming in the near future.

The new footage is out and can be watched below, Deadpool is very popular on social networks, for example over on Twitter Wade Wilson @Deadpool has 65.2k followers and climbing.

You have only got to search ‘Deadpool’ in Twitter and the tweets are coming in thick and fast, the footage below was apparently made sometime in 2012 as a concept, and Ryan Reynolds has had interest in the movie for some time now.

When the Deadpool CGI trailer went live online it was soon removed, it went up and then it was taken down. But, now the huge response has moved things forward to prompt a movie release.

Ryan Reynolds is going to be Deadpool seeing as he has been a strong supporter of the project, and the tweet below of him shooting a scene. The tweet comes via Deadpool co-writer Rhett Reese who wrote the script with Paul Wernick.

Who should be the ideal actor playing Deadpool?
Many have said Ryan Reynolds should not be playing the role of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, some say Sean William Scott would have been better as he is more funnier, witty and in some respect insane such as the role he plays in American Pie.

What rating should the Deadpool movie be? Many believe an R Rating is best for this movie.

Please watch the Deadpool trailer below, hopeful it will not be too ling before we see the official Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie trailer.

Movie reality after Deadpool test footage trailer

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