Breakdown of social media increasing sales

Social media has become a way of life, there is not one day that goes by where you will not see someone on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, G Plus etc. These are not social networking platforms for just personal use; they are a great way of increasing sales for your business.

The infographic below courtesy of cloud.IQ gives a clear breakdown of how social media can help boost sales, Statistics shows 97% believe social media is a great way of marketing their business, 75% do intend to increase social media spending this year.

When you look at the percentages of how marketers measure ROI, it shows 76% of followers/likes, 67% website traffic, 53% social mention, 40% lead generation and 26% is sales.

Facebook has the higher percentage of 89% when it comes down to which platforms do advertising agencies plan on spending their media budgets. Mobile spending is also on the up; the growth is increasing at a rapid rate. When you look back in 2009 $0.416 billion was spent, compared to 2014 at $6.45b, the next two years will rise even more with 2015 spend for mobile ads at an estimated $8.66billion and 2016 at $10.83 billion.

social media campaign example

The best way to promote a business to boost sales comes down to many factors, 6 main points that should always be used within social media is hashtags, flash sales, offer coupons, offer free shipping, post as many pictures as you can and also think about posting a competition now and then.

Please do take a look at the infographic below, which also goes into campaign examples, social media fans that equals to real life customers – How do you use social media to boost your sales?

How Social Media Can Help Boost Sales

Breakdown of social media increasing sales