Paul George leg injury video goes viral

Not only has Indiana Pacers Paul George gone viral on Twitter, he has also gained a lot of steam over on YouTube after his serious leg injury.

NBA player Paul George shocked the world during the Team USA Blue vs. White 2014 game in Las Vegas; it all was going well for the George when he was trying to get the ball of the opposition until he landed heavily on his leg.

George had a nasty injury when around his ankle area the leg snapped, making this one of the worst leg accident in NBA to date.

Since the accident he has been getting a lit of reaction over on Twitter and YouTube, the video titled ‘Paul George breaks his leg - Team USA - Blue vs. White 2014’ has gained a massive 8,727,597 views since the video was uploaded by NBA Highlights on August 1st.

If you visit the official Paul George Twitter profile you will see that the star has tweeted a message to his followers (Tweet Embedded Below).

So many people have tweeted in response to the basketball players’ leg snapping injury, these include the names of LeBron James who tweeted -

Other Tweets Included

Steve Nash tweeted he was sick to his stomach -

So many other tweets came in, which you can see all here. Stephen Curry tweeted his prayer for PG and his family, he also prayed for the doctors overseeing his recovery and that he comes back stronger than before.

THE PAUL GEORGE LEG INJURY VIDEO Watch the left bottom corner of the screen to see the leg bend - ouch.

Paul George leg injury video goes viral