Yahoo Mail availability in Saudi Arabia

Yahoo Mail in Saudi Arabia still seems to be a problem for those trying to login, in most cases when trying to open the mail after entering the username and password a message pops up on the screen saying, “SSL Connection Error” or “This webpage is not available,” and this is angering Yahoo users.

We reported on two separate occasions covering Yahoo Mail not working in multiple countries, and Yahoo Mail sign in needs addressing but yet the problem still exists.

In the comments area on both articles above Saudi Arabia seems to pop up more than any other country at the moment, there has been no word in most forums of the issues, but yet within Facebook many complaints are coming in as well as showing up in our commenting areas from our very own articles.

Users are having username and password error, connection error as well as not being able to find the server, in a few cases we have spotted users spending over an hour to get into their emails. One angry Yahoo Mail user said, “Why should Marissa Mayer be paid millions of bucks if she didn’t even seem able to resolve basic problem like “logging in”? She should just be unceremoniously fired the way her predecessor had been before she could collect her undeserved windfall from the Alibaba’s IPO.”

Some users in Saudi Arabia are importing Yahoo Mail over to Outlook and Gmail, users cannot understand how this being a major problem is being ignored by Yahoo, how can they not see the problem – All Yahoo Mail users want is an explanation, even if it is a minor explanation.

Are you having problems with Yahoo Mail, if so what country are you in?

Yahoo Mail availability in Saudi Arabia