Tom Daley vs. Matthew Dickson steam on Twitter

It is not just the Usain Bolt Commonwealth Games this year, during the men’s 4×100 relay, Bolt dominated conversation on Twitter, followed by tweets about Team England and then Team Jamaica. But, both Tom Daley and Matthew Dickson gained steam on Twitter.

Social marketing platform Spredfast pulled the below and corresponding charts together using its Spark platform.

While Tom Daley has been popular with the judges and on Twitter, 14-year-old Matthew Dickson actually picked up the most steam on Twitter this evening with growth of more than 1,000%.

Social networking during the commonwealth Games 2014 has been immense, such as this epic dive fail vine picking up more traction than the diving competition worldwide - 109.6K Likes and 9,982 Comments so far.

Tom Daley had a Twitter growth of 64% with 4,835 tweets with photos/videos getting 37 tweets; Matthew Dixon had a growth of 1,000% with 1.045 tweets and photos/videos at 15 tweets.

Look at the charts below – Who is your favourite sports star in the commonwealth games?

Tom Daley vs. Matthew Dickson steam on Twitter 2