Mystery behind the profit of social sites

Social Networking sites have become the lifeline of people. Eminent sites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn have recorded a huge amount of revenue during the recent years, in which most of the profit margins are generated through the medium of advertising.

These companies want to expand their realm in the terms of their users and financial background, so they are trying to focus on the cyber markets of Indonesia and India because of their high density.

The Asian countries have scrutinized the revenue models, which can prove to be a great aid in giving the idea of increasing their money market in a particular region. From the initial phase, these companies have rendered ample of efforts in building a feasible chain of social networks, and have tried to expand their horizons by building crucial strategies.

Mystery behind the profit of social sites money

Broadening Revenue Horizons
1. The medium of social media sites has not just remained the mode of communication for users, but it has also generated a whole lot of income. The years 2008 and-09 have witnessed over a six point five million of profit margin from the users of Twitter.
2. The Amazon Company acquired the Zappos, who indulged in the marketing of social media and had their accounts made in Twitter. The income generated in the year 2009 was about 928 million dollars.
3. Facebook apart from giving virtual entertainment provided the small and medium enterprises with subsequent amount of income, to raise their standards.
4. Connecting with Zorpia on Pinterest has benefitted its employees to develop sponsorships and corporate events. The people at Zorpia can now find the time to indulge in entertainment, and events like speed dating.

Smart Contents for Profits
The content provided by the social media sites is considered as the core revenue generator. It amplifies the web traffic and gives a unique online charisma to its users. A flawless and informative content, will keep up the visitor’s interest and the loyalty of the consumer.

In the years 2007 the top twenty social networking sites registered of about 11.5 percent of growth rate in their market share in the months of January and February.

Zorpia on Pinterest

The website like Zorpia on Pinterest offers their users with motivational and inspirational quotes that can gradually change the outlook of an individual. The user of such websites not only gathers the element of fun, but also gets a chance to design his life in a prolific manner.

Advertising Aspect
The mode of advertising helps the media sites to enter into the realm of profit making scenario. These websites are quite similar to the search engines like Yahoo or Google, and their strategy to generate income is more or less the same.

The secret of any media sites lies in creating the element of advertising in the experience of the user, without generating any negative effect.

In terms of social sites Facebook steals the show. It indulged in the aspect of mobile advertisements and gathered about 59% of revenue. The first half of the year 2013 witnessed about 30 percent of returns in the advertising area. Overall, Facebook collected the massive revenue of 2.265 dollars in the field of mobile advertising.

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Mystery behind the profit of social sites