Google Plus photo service separation offers encouragement

Google could be starting a new photo sharing service soon, and in the process of this may remove photos on Google Plus social networking site.

Google is said to be making a massive revamp launch soon, which is related to photos, Bloomberg reports Google will be removing photos on the social networking site.

As we all know Google offers the one-account, basically a one login for all services such as Google Plus, Gmail, Drive, Maps, Play Store etc, but according to the source above the new Google Photos separate service will NOT need a G Plus account.

Facebook, acquired Instagram back in 2012, and since doing so has given the business independence within the company. No one knows when the new Google photo service will release but we will keep you posted.

Since the Google Plus photo service separation many debates have popped up on G Plus, some are saying if Google goes ahead with the photo separation with the ability to run without a Google+ account does this mean G Plus is dying out slowly? Maybe people should think about Facebook removing messages from the app so it could run the messenger app as a standalone, that still works very well so it could also work for Google Plus.

Google Plus is growing at a steady rate and doing very well indeed, separating the photo service From Google Plus will only but encourage more people to try out the social network – Do you agree or disagree?

Google Plus photo service separation offers encouragement