Evan Blass evleaks retirement and Twitter future

Infamous leaker Evan Blass aka @evleaks has decided to announce his retirement from leaking out all the mobile tech news on the well-followed Twitter account.

Evan Blass was very well known for leaking information about mobile tech on his Twitter profile @evleaks before the product was officially announced.

He said in one tweet, β€œAll good things must come to an end. Thank you for an amazing two years. [RETIREMENT]” – then he lets everyone knows they rock for the support and well-wishing (Shown Below).

He has provided leaks on many products from Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nokia and many more, he used to write on sites such as PocketNow and Engadget, but now it is time to move on again it seems.

His Twitter handle has over 187,000 followers and no one knows the fate of the profile yet, it has been reported he blames the social-networking phenomena, Twitter as a main reason for his leaving. Apparently Twitter feeds are not really that great when it comes to monetization for you and this is basically why it has led him to look at other avenues as source of livelihood.

In a nutshell @evleaks was not bringing in a great source of income, this now brings many questions to the table – What will happen to @evleaks Twitter page? Will someone take over the twitter account? Surely there are ways of earning a great source of income via @evleaks and an accompanying site.

Evan Blass evleaks retirement and Twitter future