Donald Trump Twitter barrage on Ebola virus

Donald Trump is causing an outrage after a barrage of Tweets on Twitter over the Ebola Virus outbreak; the magnate posted a tweet saying the U.S should not allow people back if they are infected with Ebola.

He also said those that decide to go far away to help others are great but they must also suffer the consequences, the Ebola virus outbreak 2014 seems to have got Trump tweeting a lot on the matter with another tweet slamming US leaders for being incompetent.

Trump said US leaders are incompetent for repatriating Americans who contract the virus while in Africa – many are outraged by Donald Trumps’ tweets with a few liking his tweets.

The Daily Mail reports there is a Gatwick scare at the moment after a woman on a West Africa flight collapses and dies, the 72-year-old died after arriving at Gatwick airport from Sierra Leone. She was sweating and vomiting and then collapsed, she was tested for Ebola but did not have the virus.

So far 826 people have died from the Ebola virus outbreak, which started back in February 2014.

What is Ebola and what are the Ebola virus symptoms?
Ebola is infectious and is fatal, those suffering will have a fever and will have severe internal bleeding, in a nutshell it is known as the Ebola hemorrhagic fever and is spread through contact with body fluids by a filovirus. Those that suffer will get high fever as said above as well as vomiting, body aches, diarrhoea and external bleeding.

Symptoms can take place within 2 and 21 days after exposure, these generally start with fever and headaches.

Many worry about the Ebola spread with the outbreak going worldwide, but even more of a worry comes via Peter Walsh, the biological anthropologist from Cambridge University said there could be a real risk if Ebola was handled by terrorists. What if they could harness the virus as a powder that could be used in a bomb in populated areas, deaths would be in there millions.

Do you know of anyone who is suffering with Ebola and what are your views on Donald Trump’s tweets?

Donald Trump Twitter barrage on Ebola virus

  • Mickey Askins

    Birther Trump advocates turning our back on Americans who risked their lives to fight deadly disease, screw him, he has no soul.