Social logins incremental gains for Facebook

The social logins for Facebook has seen incremental gains for the Q2 2015 April / June period, but looking at the stats Google Plus is not too far behind with its growth pattern.

Thanks to Gigya putting together a very informative infographic we can see the landscape of social login across mobile devices and the web. Facebook is clearly winning in the percentage corner with 55%, followed by Google Plus with 27%, Yahoo 11%, Twitter 5% and LinkedIn with only 1% of social logins.

Facebook is still the dominant social media site for social logins, but Google Plus remains relatively steady over the same quarter while Yahoo continues to drop. But, possibly the main reason Yahoo social logins are falling is probably down to Yahoo Mail being down when trying to login.

It is rather interesting to see the social login preferences across the world is dominated by Europe (Russia Included) and South/Central America with 82% each.

The infographic also delves into mobile device social login, Ecommerce, Media/Publishers, Consumer Brands, Travel and Hospitality and much more. Please take a look at the infographic below and let us know what you think.

What social site do you log in to the most?

Social logins incremental gains for Facebook stats

Social logins incremental gains for Facebook