Facebook shut down of Israeli group

Israeli group Lehava, Facebook page of Member of Knesset shut in the wake of finding that the pages incited to brutality.

Facebook has closed several pages that belong to politicians and right wing groups in Israel as reported by Haartez. Some of the Facebook pages closed included former MK Michael Ben Ari, which was a page for Lehava.

Another page, which was shut down was about a group that advocates against intermarriage, Haartez has reported about a few Facebook page closures over the last week after they received complaints that the pages contained incitement.

Ben Ari’s Facebook was apparently closed because of his association with the Kach party, reportedly a party for a terrorist organization, he was also refused a visa to the United States. Other Facebook pages have been removed as well such as Baruch Marzel’s page, Death Penalty for Terrorists and Rescind Leftists’ Citizenship and even the Al-Yahud Gang page.

The Lehava object is to stop the marriage of Jews and non-Jews, and well as demonstrations against Arabs and foreign asylum seekers. Even the Hamas’ al-Qassam brigade Facebook page was closed.

Was Facebook right to shut down these pages?

Facebook shut down of Israeli group