Yahoo Mail sign in needs addressing

Today, we’ve heard from Yahoo Mail users with continual sign-in issues that is related to either their username, or password and a few are getting a little angry about the situation.

It was only last week we reported Yahoo Mail not working in multiple countries with Spain being where the issues are occurring the most, but this seems to be changing as the days go on.

Scouring the Internet we have noticed many email users have social media networking friends and they use Yahoo Mail to contact them, the emails normally consist of press releases, new social media news etc and seeing as Yahoo Mail users cannot log in how can they continue with their work in the manner they normally would.

Connection error as well as username/password sign in seems to be the main culprit; you need only read our previous article (Link above) to see Yahoo customers are very angry indeed.

If anyone from Yahoo Mail is reading this would you please come forward and explain what is going on in the comments below, OSM does not use Yahoo Mail so we cannot comment. But there does seem to be a lot of reaction over on Down Detector and our previous articles.

Yahoo! It seems your Yahoo Mail username, password sign in problem needs addressing, the connection issues for many customers seems to be on going with no resolve.

Are you still having Yahoo Mail problems?

Yahoo Mail is down with server failure

  • kari

    I can not log in to Yahoo in Spain

  • harryutama

    You guys are absolutely right the main and biggest frustration has been “connection error, unable to find server, username and password error” and on and on. One might have to spend a good hour to eventually find a way in to one’s emails. It’s absolutely ludicrous. Why should Marissa be paid millions of bucks if she didn’t even seem able to resolve basic problem like “logging in”? She should just be unceremoniously fired the way her predecessor had been before she could collect her undeserved windfall from the Alibaba’s IPO.

  • aimie

    i havent been able to sign in for 2 weeks..keep getting the username password error job seeking and have many resumes out and cant access my email for any responses..its really frustrating!!!!

  • Sonja

    Having the same problems signing into yahoo so I went to google set up a gmail account then added my yahoo e-mail as a alternate & have since doing that had no problems getting my yahoo mail, just alittle inconvenience but it worked.

  • Debvel

    I have been having sign-in issues all day. I am unable to get to my Yahoo Business account, but my personal account loads. When I click on the secondary business account, I get Yahoo’s Sorry, We’re working on it msg. The odd thing is that I can access both accounts on my iPhone. I have also had no luck downloading files or saving them to my desktop. Yahoo is going to put me out of business!

  • M

    I thought it was just me because I hadn’t googled until now. Wow, yes I have all those problems…can’t sign in, sometimes comes up, sometimes not; can’t transfer emails to folders; some even seem to disappear…it’s just a mess!