Determining social media platforms for your small business

When it comes to small businesses choosing the right social media platforms it can be rather daunting, putting all your time into one platform could either be the best thing for your small business or just simply a waste of time.

Should you be using Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the list is endless so we will provide you a few stats courtesy of Staples.

Around about 5.5 hours are spent managing social media channels for small businesses, and choosing the one that works perect for you can be rather daunting and time consuming. But, there are some facts so you can determine which social media platforms are best for you.

74% of shoppers rely on social networks to guide purchase desicions, therere are 1.28 billion members on Facebook, 1 billion on YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus both have 300million, Twitter with 225m, Instagram 200m and Pinterest has 70 million users.

Facebook is best for those that have the business-to-consumer products, services. Twitter for events that generate a lot of discussion, G+ is great for those who have products or services with reliance on SEO value, YouTube for exciting or easy-to-explain products or services. LinkedIn is great for business-to-business solutions’, especially professional services. Instagram is great because it is visually appealing for business-to-consumer products, and last but not least is Pinterest, which is visually appealing for products that fit with a lifestyle or theme.

Staples infographic here also goes into who are you trying to reach, what is your media mix and much more.

What is interesting is that 89% of social media marketers report greature exposure for their business, 75% report increased traffic. The stats also show 18% of small business owners say Facebook is the hardest social media platform for their business to maintain, and only 8 to 10% of business owners found Twitter, G Plus and LinkedIn to be the most challenging.

What social media platform do you gain much success from for your small business?

Determining social media platforms for your small business