Dating site uses DNA and LinkedIn sign in

Match not working for you, been on eHarmony too long, not found any chemistry with any other online dating site yet? Maybe a new online site could help you, but you will have to spit in a tube and provide DNA.

The new online dating site is called SingldOut and is the first to use DNA to link people, All you need to do is sign-up using LinkedIn for access to an exclusive community of like-minded singles, once you have signed up SingldOut will email you a DNA testing kit.

When you receive the kit all users need to do is spit into the tube, pack it up and send it back using the prepaid envelope. The third step is completing the personality assessment and check your results, the 4th and final step is the ‘So Factor’, simply search SingldOut members based on your ideal mate preferences and find out online of you have lasting chemistry offline.

SingldOut is a special dating site for single professionals where you connect via LinkedIn. They are the first in the online dating industry to use both biological and digital to find love using DNA and preferences - Once you sign up using LinkedIn your information will NOT be shared on the professional site.

However, like most dating sites SingldOut is not free, it costs $199 for a three-month membership, 6-months is $249 or $299 for a year. Please do watch the video provided below for more information – Apparently women prefer men with DNA sequences opposite of theirs.

Do you think by sending in your DNA to an online dating site you can find your perfect love?

Dating site uses DNA and LinkedIn sign in