Chelsea FC vs. Liverpool FC Facebook following

Football teams around the world are being followed on social platforms, and two of the popular clubs on Facebook include Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC who are being immensely followed.

The Liverpool Facebook profile has 21,413,006 fans, and if we take a look at the ‘Like’ stats under the tab ‘People’ we can see there are 1.8 million talking about the LFC Facebook page, 21.4m total page likes, which is up 0.8% from last week and 173.1k new page likes, which is down 22.4%.

There are 32,789,053 likes on the Chelsea Facebook profile, 1.7 million are talking about the page, 32.8 million total page likes and up 1.1%, and 363.1k new page likes, which is down 13.7%.

When it comes down to total fans Chelsea is more popular, but it is the LFC Facebook page being talked about more.

It shows CFC is more followed than LFC when it comes to the stats, but both are great if fans wish to stay up-to-date with all the latest news, prizes, videos, photos and much more.

Both regularly update and show how football clubs social networking reveals popularity – Do you think a Facebook following for football clubs reveals an indication of how popular they are?

Chelsea FC vs. Liverpool FC Facebook following