The Facebook Purge suicide, movie propaganda

The Facebook Purge where you can say anything you like, expose any picture or anyone as well as tagging anyone in whatever is all rubbish, this new Facebook Purge was inspired by the new horror movie “Purge: Anarchy”, and since many Facebook pages have been created across the social media network.

You only need search the hashtag #FacebookPurge on Facebook and you will see many clips; this is what you call the best Facebook scam this year. According to the new Facebook Purge “No one is safe.”

Posts were published on Facebook without peoples permission showing nudity and many more photos, a lot of people called this a load of nonsense and immature and no one should take part. This has spread across social media like wild fire.

This all kicked off on 17th July 2014 to inspire people towards The Purge 2 movie, which was released on 18th July. In a nutshell the movie is all about anything is possible including legal killing, you get one day to do whatever you want legally. reports since the promotion of “Facebook Purge” it has caused a number of Facebook Purge suicides and deaths, apparently 87 suicides have circulated. But they do say there is no official Facebook Purge and it has nothing to do with Facebook at all, no one is sure who started these rumors and is not part of and official marketing campaign for the movie.

There is no The Purge Facebook movie or trailer, no official Facebook pages – What do you know about Facebook Purge?

The Facebook Purge suicide, movie propaganda

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    Who writes these articles? Barely a single properly constructed sentence. What a mess!

    • Gnataleigh

      “Barely a single properly constructed sentence”. Is this a sentence fragment?