Son and Daughter Day 2014 social campaign

According to Google ‘Son and Daughter Day 2014’ does exist and is on Monday, August 11 this year.

The Son and Daughter Day 2014 countdown has begun with only 24 days left to go, we all celebrate Mother and Fathers Day and for many years I said to my parents we should celebrate son day.

We do celebrate on certain days to show our appreciation for our mums and dads, but at last son and daughter day is real and we can show our parents.

One Facebook page titled ‘International Sons & Daughters Day!’ only has 156 likes, and it was started way back on 11, May 2009. The about page on the FB profile says, “We did not asked to be brought into this world! So this day is about us! Now parents lavish us with gifts on the last Saturday of July! After all we are your gift!”

Google will disagree with the Facebook page founded in 2009, because Google states Son and Daughter Day being on August 11, and the FB page states July 26th.

Back to reality, no creator of Son and Daughter Day has ever been found, no official statement of this day has ever been proven and many even parents will say its all fake - of course it is.

Do you think there should be a Son and Daughter Day 2014 social campaign to make August 11 an official day?

Son and Daughter Day 2014 social campaign