Harry Styles vs Nash Grier social follower stats

One massive pop sensation Harry Styles vs Vine sensation Nash Grier, both stars are famous for different professions. Their social stats are different across the board, which are interesting.

As we all know Harry Styles is the pop singer mainly known for being in One Direction, and Nash Grier is the Vine clip sensation and of late being the front of a homophobic slur in one of his latest videos.

Harry Styles has 2.4 million followers with his last Vine clip being November 2013, and Nash Grier is the king on Vine with 8.7 million followers with his last clip being 3 days ago.

Harry Styles Social Stats
Twitter – 21.3M Followers / Facebook - 2,640,717 / Instagram - 7,746,080 / Vine - 2.4 million / YouTube - 96,780 subscribers.

Nash Grier Social Stats
Twitter – 2.82M Followers / Facebook - 2,202,865 / Instagram - 5,989,939 / Vine - 8.8 million / YouTube - 3,195,080 subscribers.

So if you look at the statistics they both differ when it comes to followers, Nash Grier is more popular on Vine and YouTube and Harry Styles is followed more than Grier on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

But if you add up the total followers count with all social networks combined, Harry Styles has a total of 34,184,077 million followers; Nash Grier has in total 23,007,804 million.

This means Harry Styles is more popular by 11,176,273, now when you look at these stats Nash Grier hasn’t done to bad considering he is only really famous thanks to Vine, yet Harry Styles is a famous singer in One Direction and an actor – with an 11m difference Grier has done well.

Who do you prefer, Harry Styles or Nash Grier?

Harry Styles vs Nash Grier social follower stats

  • Auddreyy

    Nash Grier 💝💝💝💝

  • Tiara

    Harry Styles a million times.