Gaza Strip conflict battle on social media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming the forefront of the Israel and Palestinians battle, the Gaza war still continues with no end in sight.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has been bombarded with vicious photos of the Gaza protest, and the world turns to social media when it comes to Israel and Palestinians battling it out.

Deutsche Welle reports that just this week alone four Palestinians were killed, children are being hurt and it incidents like this leaving the public reeling after hearing about it on social media sites. Gaza, Israel has moved in to counter the online propaganda war, which so far the Palestinians may be winning.

The source above goes into detail about the Gaza war online, and somewhere on the Mediterranean coastline is a nondescript computer lab at IDC Hertzliya, which is just north of Tel Aviv, and this is the command center for Israel’s new media counter-offensive. A new hashtag #IsraelUnderFire was created where a group of 400 Israeli students on the campus are tweeting sympathies’ for the Palestinians killed or wounded in Gaza.

But there is a hashtag #GazaUnderAttack by the opposing Palestinian, which has lost integrity when photos in some posts were later discovered by the BBC to contain images of older examples of aggression in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or were from other parts of the Middle East like Syria or Iraq.

Facebook and Twitter are the two main social media sites where a group for Israel’s offensive in Gaza is posting images, memes, posters, advertisements, video clips and comments.

Gaza Strip conflict battle on social media