Facebook shopping debate with new buy button

A new debate is arising after Facebook announced it was trying out a new ‘Buy Button’, this is a new test feature that will be implemented onto mobile and desktop News Feed and on Pages.

Should Facebook go down the shopping platform road? Well, this is the question, which will surely spark a debate.

The new Facebook buy button will allow users on both mobile and desktop to buy products through posts or ads on brand pages of FB, if you look at the screenshot below you will see the new buy button on Modify Watches brand page.

Facebook is slowly becoming a prison, they do not want you to leave they want you to be a part of its world without having to use real-life shopping, going out of the house to a physical shop will be non-existent if Mark Zuckerberg has his way.

FB users need simply add their debit or credit card details to make purchases; Facebook has privacy in mind so no need to worry about entering personal details. They promise not to share any information with other advertisers; the new buy button will obviously be fantastic for the sellers.

At the moment this new feature is only for a few small and medium-sized businesses in the United States, what we need are numbers – How many advertisers are on the new platform? How much do advertisers need to pay Facebook for the new buy button? Once the button gets into motion and world spread only then can we put together an infographic of usage and how well it is doing.

Do we need a new buy button, and is Facebook doing the right thing by entering the shopping platform?

Facebook shopping debate with new buy button